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hi i'm Kara owner and operator of Dirty Little Deeds Cleaning Services

  i'm glad you're here let me tell you a little about myself,the company and services offered.

A Little About me, i'm a mother of three a full-time employee and a full-time entrepreneur looking to break away from your typical nine to five in my case five to five with very little time to waste with three boys i'm constantly cleaning, on the go,cooking or simply tending to Dirty Deeds, what can i say life's a mess i just manage to keep it clean.

i started the company in 2010 a year or so after high school cleaning homes here and there just for a little extra cash, i started with one client it turned into a few and now Dirty Little deeds is a house hold name. Dirty Little Deeds is/was built on love, loyalty and pride, we service our customers proudly, professionally & promptly time and time again with a smile.

we offer a wide span of services from office cleaning, in-home cleaning to commercial cleaning services, cleaning/sanitizing & disinfecting every surface along the way using our all natural products, take a look around the website call or text for your free quote and book your services today Prices my vary.


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